LPC  Work Experience  Network -Request For Additional Information

Request for Additional Information – Ref: 04/RA

Thank you for expressing an interest in one of our opportunities.  We need relevant  details in order to start the process.

This is a generic form to be filled by all applicants who have applied currently or previously or referred through to us.

If you have applied for one of our current opportunities or if this is your first contact to us, kindly provide the required additional details below. The form should take less than 2 minutes. We require the detail to determine which team should be processing your application or expression of interest. You may then be required to create a profile on our advertiser site as part of the registration process once you have been referred to the appropriate team. We cannot guarantee when you will be contacted or that your application or interest will be taken further given the number of applications we would normally receive.  However, kindly feel free to create an account on the advertiser site www.coursesandjobs.com and indicate your availability for paid work, work experience and so on.  Employers visit our site frequently.

Kindly do not fill this form if you have already done so in the past as we would have your details on file.  Note that if you have received a request from us to fill this form on more than one occasion it means that you have applied for more than one opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this form.

Kind Regards
The Support and Referrals Team

020 3475 9775